The following quotes are from leaders who have employed Peter to work with them and or their people.  All but one of these leaders (or their colleagues) have experienced Peter’s work over several years. 


‘We have been searching for a description for the type of organization that we want Melbourne Water to become. We want to be highly productive and people oriented. We want to be highly collaborative both internally and with all of our stakeholders. We want to be highly adaptive to meet the complexity of our current challenges in the context of a rapidly changing climate. Of all the terms that people use to describe organizations “parabolic” describes best what we are working towards becoming.’
Rob Skinner CEO Melbourne Water.

‘I found it brilliant – lot’s won’t, but for me this is part of the journey that we need to be having and we need to do more and more.’
Kevin Scott, Assistant Commissioner of Police.

‘Peter introduced me to Gandhi’s statement, “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”  But finding out how to “be the change” is a challenge.  The question it left me with was, if you want your organisation to make more wise decisions how do you develop more wisdom yourself?  Peter’s work has helped us to find answers.  Our team is becoming more of what we want John Sands to be’
Ray Mundy MD John Sands.

‘I completed a program with Peter over 15 months in 2004 and 2005 – a leadership program for senior managers in my university.  I am an experienced manager and have read widely in the management literature and attended PD over many years: Peter's approach was radically different from other leadership training I have ever done.  I believe that I personally learned more from his program that the sum of all other training I have done in this area.  His presentations are engaging but full of 'a-ha!' moments.’
Dr Maddy McMaster  Academic Registrar RMIT

‘Peter, it was just what the Executive Leadership Team needed. You not only stretched us but helped us understand our assumptions at a deep level and freed us from their hold.  The whole team was really excited and we stayed back after you left which is as you can imagine quite a coup. Your session clearly demonstrated that we need to spend more time to think and work through these issues - and we want you back.’                      
Muriel Marczynski, General Manager, Corporate Services, Building Commission

‘You have changed my understanding about leadership and helped me develop my ability as a collaborative leader – thank you.’ 
Jillian Houston Manager Organisational Development Rural Ambulance Service. 


‘Your insights into the relationship between corporate culture and the behaviour of managers have been very helpful.’
Jeff Lomas, Manager, Business Practices, BHP Billiton.

Hi Anna,
I thought yesterday went really well, I was a bit apprehensive about the day and what was expected of us, as everybody was I suppose, but it did serve a purpose.  You and Peter had it all well organised and for the first time ever, all the eng admin staff met and socialised and of those that I spoke to, all agreed that we felt we had support and acknowledgement from senior management. . . .
Madalain Dolic,  PA to Neil Robinson Faculty Manager University of Melbourne.  (email to Anna McCreedie Manager People & Culture Faculty of Engineering, University of Melbourne)

‘One of our Directors came out of your workshop and said, “I haven’t had as much fun since the last Led Zeplin concert.’’’  Again thank you for your work with our executive team.   You have made a difference to many of us – me included. 
David Barwell, Director, Maunsell AECom, Australia 

‘Not every organisation is ready for what you have to offer.  Ours was. My managers are becoming leaders.’  
Geoff Charnley CEO  Memory Lane Malaysia.



‘You have given us some excellent ideas and led us through an exploration and understanding of these ideas while building the team very significantly.’
Dr Roger Hayward, Principal St Leonard’s College

‘I am happy to tell you that each manager has reported that they have benefited from your process.  It is very gratifying to see them developing strategies to further improve the way they relate across the organisation.’
Pamela Del Nin, CEO Adelaide Entertainment Centre

‘Sorry for the delay in sending you this email - work took over since my return to the department!!  The practice at the retreat helped enormously.   Thank you again for your support and the work that you did with us.  We all agreed that it was very useful and all learned something from it.’
Danielle Wood   Executive Officer   Melbourne Institute of Asian Languages and Societies

Hi there Peter – it was wonderful to meet up with you in Adelaide & experience your wonderful facilitation skills! I’m working towards a professional FNQ opportunity for you if you’re interested?
Jill Knell, Manager, Business Improvement, Far North Queensland Department of Communities