"We help raise the consciousness of leaders to the power of collaboration for success and survival."


Survival - we help you to develop new minds for new organisations. 


Most people have a stereotypic opinion about leaders and leadership.   It is based on the heroic leader and is deeply rooted.   Heroic leaders were well suited to needs of small hunter gatherer populations but are ill equipped to realise the potential of large organisations operating in a complex world.  This potential can only be realised when a high proportion of its people are able to contribute their intelligence and creativity.  It requires both a collaborative leader and a new mindset that supports this collaboration. We can have new organisations when leaders can develop new minds.  

From a global perspective mankind will take the next great leap forward when it becomes widely recognised that the thinking that comes from groups is vastly superior to the thinking that comes from the individual.  When this happens the leader who can not or does not make use of this form of thinking will be seen as inadequate.  It will bury the heroic leader.  In the short term the organisation, state or country that is best able to make use of thinking in groups will have a tremendous advantage.  In the long term this single change may well ensure long term sustainable results not only for the orgnisation but for the planet also.

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Your insights into the relationship between corporate culture and the behaviour of managers has been very helpful.  
Jeff Lomas,  Manager Business Practices, BHP Billiton.