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Success - we help you foster people's desire to do good work


People often talk about engaging the hearts and minds of their people but what do they really mean by hearts?  One perspective comes from John Salter, a US ace fighter pilot in the Korean war.  He said  'What made me double and triple check the sun for an enemy aircraft or the gloomy areas of the river bank for an enemy patrol boat was not duty.  It was desire.'  Perhaps less dramatic but nevertheless very clear about the role of desire was Sir George Martin, the producer of The Beatles.   He described his first meeting with the famous group.  'As musicians they were good, but I knew of better ones.   As song writers, again, their songs were good but I knew of better song writers.   What set them apart, was that I felt all the better for being with them.   After I had met them I thought I really want to work with these people.'   Great leaders know how to work with their people to generate desire to do good work over a sustained period. 

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One of our Directors came out of your workshop and said, “I haven’t had as much fun since the last Led Zeplin concert.”  Again thank you for your work with our team.   You have made a difference to many of us – me included. 

 David Barwell, Director, Maunsell - QLD, Australia.