Dr Peter Rennie
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Peter Rennie

About Peter Rennie

Peter is a third generation Australian of anglo celtic stock. He is the third son of Miriam Wood and George Rennie who were good, thoughtful and community minded people. He is married to Ann who has a maturity and wisdom he cherishes. They have one daughter and he has three sons and a daughter through an earlier marriage. Peter is concerned that his children will live in a very different world to the world that nurtured him. He believes that unless we and our organizations change, his children and your children, will be unlikely to birth children who will have the chance to live peacefully to an old age. 

Peter is Managing Director of Leadership Australia and has run his own consultancy businesses for over twenty years in the areas of leadership and organizational development. He has worked with people across the spectrum of commercial, educational and government organizations. Peter was formally trained as a medical doctor and a family therapist.

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