Our Unique Concepts


Our Unique Concepts


Leadership Australia has made a significant contribution to theory and practice in the field of leadership with the innovative development, by Dr Peter Rennie, of a number of models, concepts, frameworks and tools.

These unique concepts are explored in Leadership Australia workshops and programs and will also be available in Peter’s next book, ‘Leading from Within’, due to be published in 2008. 

Click on the links below for either a concept overview or detailed information of some concepts. 

Parabolic Leadership


The Question Generator

The Reciprocal Feedback System

The Universal Reframing Model

The VACUMED (sic) Model of Perception

Leadership Australia is happy to provide the following Unique Concepts for you to download.  Please consider that all the material is the intellectual property of Leadership Australia and the result of years of dedicated work.  We therefore ask that you respectfully acknowledge Leadership Australia as the source of this material. 

Please feel comfortable contacting us if you want further clarification of these concepts. We are happy to talk with you, as we have a healthy self-interest in our work being accurately conveyed.