Leading From Within
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Leading from Within

Workshop 1 - The Leader as a Culture Developer

Workshop 2 - The Leader as a Builder of Desire

Workshop 3 - The Leader as a Thinker

Workshop 4 - The Leader as a Systems Strategist

Workshop 5 - The Leader as a Doer


Leading From Within

Workshop 3 - The Leader as a Thinker


If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
Bernard Baruch (1890 -1965)   Wall Street Trailblazer /Pioneer


An old man died leaving his three sons seventeen camels.  His will stipulated that half of his camels were to go to the eldest, one third was to go to the middle son and one ninth was to go to his youngest.  His sons had difficulty deciding how to split up the herd according to the will. Try as hard as they might they found that they could not divide the herd of seventeen into a half and a third and a ninth. 

One of them recalled a good neighbour offering to give the family a camel as a form of repayment of a favour long ago.   He set off, was received with open arms and soon came back with another camel.  They now had eighteen camels.  So the oldest took his half, that is nine camels, the middle brother took his third, that is six camels, and the youngest took his ninth, that is two camels.   After they had taken their allotted camels they scratched their heads because they had only used seventeen camels.  There was one camel left. 

They took the camel back to the neighbour and everyone was very happy.

It’s a cute story, yes?  It seems they didn’t need the eighteenth camel after all.  Yet the eighteenth camel made things a lot easier and a lot less messy.    That’s the thing about tools.  They help you do things faster, cleaner and usually better.   It’s the same with mental tools.  They help you to understand things more clearly and find solutions easier. 

This workshop will introduce you to, and encourage you to experiment with, a range of tools and models that provide insights into why people think the way they do.  It will demonstrate how to engage your people in problem solving and innovation.  It will help you help them to adopt and embrace change.  It will help you to make the most of your people’s intelligence and creativity. 


Leaders who participate in this workshop will: