"We help raise the consciousness of leaders to the power of collaboration for success and survival."


Leaders - we help you to stand out and lead from within your organisation.


Your leadership is dynamic and constantly evolving.   Leadership Australia has developed five key questions.  We have found that your answers to these questions deepen as your leadership consciousness develops. 

1.         Who are you? 
2.         Where do you want to go to?
3.         Why should anyone work with you?
4.         How will you work with your people to make the best use of their intelligence and creativity?
5.         What strategies will you employ to overcome the blocks and blockers who populate your organisation and its related systems?  

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I completed a program with Peter over 15 months in 2004 and 2005 - a leadership program for senior managers in my university.  I am an experienced manager and have read widely in the management literature and attended PD over many years.  Peter's approach was radically different from other leadership training I have ever done.  I learned more from his program that the sum of all other training I have done in this area.        
Dr Maddy McMaster, Academic Registrar, RMIT University.