How to Create a Great Organisation
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How To Create A Great Organisation

60 – 90 minute Presentation


Think about the culture of your organisation.  Think about where you would position people’s behaviour on a spectrum between two extremes.  At one end is FIBS behaviour and at the other is ROCK.  Is your culture more FIBS or is it more ROCK? 

FIBS and ROCK are mnemonics. In FIBS cultures, people are rewarded when they Flatter anyone who might be useful to them, Inflate their own contribution to a successful project, say “yes” to everyone but Break commitments to all but important people and Scapegoat others.  By contrast in ROCK cultures a different set of values is encouraged.  People Respect others, Own their part when problems occur, Credit other people for their contributions and Keep commitments or when they can’t be kept make sure that people are informed as to why.  

We now know that great organisations are built on ROCK behaviours but what is the evidence? 

This presentation will explore the work of Jim Collins who researched nearly 1500 organisations to answer the question “What makes a good organisation a great organisation?” Of the 1500 he found eleven that could be called great.  These eleven organisations had an outstanding record that kept them at the forefront for at least a fifteen year period. 

What made these organisations great?  Collins found that in every case the leaders who were midwives to the period of greatness showed a combination of humility and fierce resolve.  Humility meant a high emphasis on collaboration; a willingness to listen and understand others perspectives and productive ideas.   And leaders had a fierce resolve to support ROCK behaviours and a determination to value the truth whatever it might be.