"We help raise the consciousness of leaders to the power of collaboration for success and survival."


We help raise the consciousness  - we help you develop wisdom.


For us consciousness means more than awareness.  We like the definition that consciousness involves both the awareness and response to one's environment.  Conscious leaders develop broader and deeper perceptions of events and personal interactions and the ripples that follow action.   Conscious leaders take action to engage the hearts and minds of the people in your organisation and beyond. 

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Peter introduced me to Gandhi's quote; "Be the change that you want to see in the world."  But finding out how you "be" the change is a challenge.  The question it left me with was, If you want your organisation to make more wise decisions how do you develop wisdom yourself? The leadership program has helped us to find a number of answers.  Our senior team is becoming more of what we want John Sands to be.
Ray Mundy, Managing Director, John Sands.