"We help raise the consciousness of leaders to the power of collaboration for success and survival."


The power of collaboration -  we make leading easier by creating collaborative structures


It's not immediately obvious but structure shapes behaviour.  Most organisational structures are pyramidal in shape and we carry this pyramid in our minds whenever we meet with someone in our organisation.  Are they above us, on the same level or below us?   Our behaviour is shaped, at least in part, accordingly.  Chris Argyris introduced the term pyramidal behaviours and pyramidal leadership to describe the cultures of most traditional organisations.  He found that status and hierarchy often thwart innovation and development.  Leadership Australia has built on these models and created the concept of the parabolic organisation structure.   Intrinsically the parabola has powerful properties and organizations, or sections of organisations, that adopt the notion of Parabolic Leadership can work more collaboratively and benefit from the unified consciousness and work of its people.

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You have given us some excellent ideas and led us through an exploration and understanding of these ideas while building the team very significantly.

Dr. Roger Hayward, Principal, St Leonard's College, Melbourne.