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Peter Rennie as a coach


Peter’s background as a psychotherapist and family therapist has given him a strong basis for fostering deep learning in others.  His special interest on reflective and feedback processes helped to earn him the National Award for Best Practice in Adult Learning and Human Resource Development.

Peter has a deep understanding of human systems, how we empower and how we dis-empower others, how we give ourselves excuses to fail and how we can overcome these.  He understands the distinction between formal and informal leadership and how people can develop their informal leadership to demonstrate caring, build hope and manage doubts more effectively.  He understands the blocks to people’s learning and how to overcome these.

His method is simple.  First, understand the client.  Second, work with the client to develop a new joint understanding of the problem and its context.  Third, work with the client to develop strategies attitudes and behaviours that lead to productive outcomes.  Fourth, support the client as they put the new strategies into practice.  Fifth, help the client learn from and deal with the inevitable hiccups.  

During the process Peter will introduce the client to a number of elegant yet simple models that help them to develop insights into themselves and others to make change more possible.  He will help the client become more open to feedback so that they may learn from others and develop their collaborative abilities.  He helps them to develop their analytic and communication skills using role theory and he helps them develop their ability to think and act more powerfully by introducing a range of tools and techniques.