Ann Rennie

Ann Rennie

Throughout her working life Ann has been most attracted to environments where growth and improved outcomes have been an integral focus and where her role has been to support people to become more conscious of their intra and inter personal responses and dynamics.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Business in Tourism and majors in Marketing and Economics Ann worked with the Australian Tourism Commission for three years and had short secondments in Los Angeles and New York. 

Deciding to stay in Australia, Ann moved onto a more hands-on marketing role with Australian Tourism Marketing Services - a small company specialising in marketing for small to medium sized tourism operators.

During this period in the 80’s Ann also worked for five years with Lifeline Melbourne as a volunteer telephone counsellor and a member of the training team.

After six years in the tourism industry Ann felt she wanted to direct her energies to working more closely with people and their personal growth.  Thoughtful development of a personal vision statement led her to a three year period with The Discovery Foundation – a non profit foundation running 7-day residential programs for teenagers to help develop self esteem and personal responsibility.   The program was designed using NLP technologies (Neuro Linguistic Programming) by Marvin Oka and Dr Stephanie Burns.  Ann’s roles in Marketing, Sales and Admin attracted and developed a large pool of volunteers for three outbound sales teams and logistical support and she trained others for their roles in the New Zealand office. 

In 1992, somewhat burnt out from passionate dedication to a non-profit organization. Ann chose a direct role in training and development and worked in the corporate sector with Frontline Training Consultants.  Frontline specialised in Customer Service and as a member of the six women training team Ann worked in all states of Australia and also with her local clients.

It was in this work that Ann’s interest in broader organisational dynamics and dilemmas was stimulated.  She undertook two years of study in a Graduate Diploma in Organisational Change (RMIT) whilst working independently on contract management roles.

Seeking to work in a team again Ann commenced work with a start-up outsourced call centre, later known as United Customer Management Solutions.  A six-month training contract became a five-year permanent role on a range of HR projects in which time Ann’s fascination in organisational systems saw her complete her Masters in Organisational Change and Consulting (RMIT).  

In 2001, happily pregnant, Ann officially joined Peter at Leadership Australia.